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What to expect during your Scalp Micropigmentation treatment.

Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is a realistic solution for people suffering from hair loss and receding hairline. When done by a professional and experienced SMP Artist can make the hair appear fuller and improve self-confidence.

Carefully placed on skin microdots of pigment cover the scalp making the skin invisible through thinning hair. In the cases when hair loss left the scalp skin completely bald, scalp micropigmentation treatment can create the illusion of shortly shaved hair. Whether you have chosen your Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic or still at the stage of looking for one, the knowledge what to expect during the procedure can significantly reduce the stress you may be experiencing.

What is involved in a Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment?

Typically a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment consists of a consultation and two to four sessions in total.


The first step in starting your life-changing treatment is booking your Consultation with a qualified SMP Practitioner. Every Scalp Micropigmentation provider operates a Consultation System before treatment. In general, it is a face-to-face appointment. If for some reason i.e. distance, a consultation in person is not possible, some clinics offer Remote Consultations via Messenger, Zoom, Skype or such. The best type of SMP Consultation is always face to face as it allows an SMP Artist to evaluate your scalp skin. Initial Consultation is crucial. It is also your opportunity to get the answers to the questions you may have.

Deciding on Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is a big decision and can be made hastily. It is a helpful practice to prepare a list of questions and do not leave the clinic without getting the answers. Treat it as your opportunity to find out as much as you can about the process.

Many things need establishing during the Consultation. When you go to the Scalp Micropigmentation clinic, the SMP practitioner will:

  • set an idea of your expectations,

  • evaluate your scalp skin,

  • answer your questions,

  • estimate the treatment cost,

  • explain the process,

  • choose the correct pigment colour and test it on your skin,

  • draw in your new hairline designed for your hair loss situation.

Everyones' hairline is unique. Only certain styles will match the shape of your head. If you have some pictures of people who had scalp micropigmentation treatment and you think your look is similar, it is a good idea to bring them into this appointment. These can be a starting point, helping the Artist to understand and visualize your goal. Your chosen SMP Technician will prepare a customized treatment plan just for you. It is also time to complete your health questionnaire and any necessary consent forms. Please read these documents carefully, disclose all health information honestly and understand what consent means.

If you are happy with everything, you can book your first Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment. Scalp Micropigmentation Sessions

Typically clients require two to four sessions where each lasts two to four hours. Because each scalp skin is different, there are some cases where clients do need more sessions to complete the treatment. The chances for the number of sessions to go up are determined by different factors (i.e. presence of scar tissue that can disperse the pigment). It happens very rarely, but it does.

Practitioners usually want to be sure you are ready and prepared to proceed, so they like to go over everything once again that was discussed during the Initial Consultation.

The first scalp micropigmentation session is the longest as it is the one during the magic happens, and your new hairline comes into life. During this one, your SMP Artist will lay down a foundation density. When the first session is complete, your SMP Specialist will explain what has been done and should be in a position to provide some insight about the plan for your second treatment appointment. Some clinics wait with this judgement until the pigment is more settled.

There is usually a week gap between the first and second session.

The following scalp micropigmentation sessions are shorter of about 30 minutes from the previous one. They are required to fill the gaps, increase density and obtain a perfect match to the sides and back of the scalp. Adding those important pigments is vital to make your scalp look perfect.

Please note that after each session you will leave the clinic with the pigments up to 50% darker than the final result. They will lighten over the first 4 – 5 weeks. It is important to be aware that your scalp skin will be irritated after each treatment and can stay red for some time (a few hours to two days). When the redness subsides, you can rest assured your scalp micropigmentation will look completely natural.

Your SMP Artist will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to follow so you can get the best results and stay safe.

As you can see, a Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment is a gradual procedure which is done over two or more sessions. You can anticipate seeing the final result after the last SMP Treatment session.

We hope that this article gave you a better understanding of what to expect from a Scalp Micripogmentation Procedure. If it is enough and you are ready to create the appearance of short-shaved hair and eliminate the signs of hair loss, book your free, no-obligation SMP consultation today. If you still have some questions, let's have a chat.

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