Scalp Micropigmentation for Women

Discover an effective permanent concealer in camouflaging female hair loss and thinning hair.

Female Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Female hair loss and thinning hair is a silent epidemic that affects women of all ages. Hair loss typically accelerates with age but may begin at any stage in life. Most women feel insecure about their hair problem as time passes by. Hair loss can lead to low self-esteem and depression. It has a significant emotional impact on affected women, can dent a female's self-esteem and negatively affect the overall quality of life. There are many potential causes of female hair loss and thinning hair: Female Pattern Baldness, alopecia, stress, scalp injuries, chemical procedures, medical treatments (i.e. certain drugs), medical conditions.

If your scalp is peeking through, you do not have to look for ways to disguise your hair loss anymore. There is Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment for Women that can be utilized to combat the issue. It has excellent value as part of any effort to make female hair appear more plentiful. It is very effective and successful on almost all skin textures, tones and colours.

We understand how stressful is hair loss for every woman and how difficult it is to deal with the issue. Even if hair loss is expected due to ageing or genetics, there's no need to fret. With the advanced Scalp Tattooing Techniques we use, we can treat hair loss and restore its natural fullness and beauty.

Female Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment Benefits

Are you a woman concerned about thinning hair or hair loss? Do you suffer from alopecia or female pattern baldness? Know the facts about Scalp Micropigmentation for Women offered here at Fliger Scalp Micropigmentation:

  • Scalp Micropigmentation for Women enhances hair density.

Scalp Micropigmentation performed by highly qualified technicians at Fliger Scalp Micropigmentation effectively enhances female hair density and works for most women. The female scalp tattooing procedure offers a camouflaging solution by reducing the contrast between the hair and the scalp. The final result is effectively "shaded" scalp, therefore making the hair appear much thicker. Depending on the affected area's condition, we can achieve a very high camouflage percentage in the most demanding cases. To find out more about the effectiveness of Female Scalp Tattooing, please click here.

  • Female Scalp Micropigmentation improves psychological wellbeing.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Women helps to regain self-confidence while reversing the psychological effects the hair loss experience has caused. Many women who had undergone scalp tattooing procedure found significant improvements in their quality of life, overall happiness, social relationships, self-confidence, feelings of youth, sex lives, and future outlook on life. These results prove that Scalp Micropigmentation for Women is more than just about beauty and general appearance. Many women have already discovered the benefits of scalp micropigmentation performed by experienced artists at Fliger Scalp Micropigmentation. Please see our reviews and follow us on Instagram @scalp_solutions_by_fliger to see the results.

  • Female Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment is Permanent

Techniques we use at Fliger Scalp Micropigmentation are leading-edge and allow our clients to achieve extreme attention to detail. The results are permanent, realistic looking, natural-appearing, and almost impossible to distinguish from the natural hairline. Everyone is different and has a different lifestyle. In general, scalp micropigmentation effectively continues to cover up scars for many years. Although top-ups are required, their frequency and the longevity of scalp micropigmentation treatment vary and depend on few different factors. To read more about the elements that determine the frequency of touch-ups, please click here.

  • Scalp Micropigmentation for Women is Safe

Female Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments have no side effects, and the results are almost instant. The process does not stop the follicles from growing as deposited on the scalp pigments do not go beyond a specific scalp skin layer. All Scalp Micropigmentation Procedures performed here at Fliger Scalp Micropigmentation involve using technologically advanced equipment, ensuring excellent and professional treatment results. We only use sterile, single-use needle cartridges to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of our equipment and surfaces are an integral part of our treatments to make them safe and prevent infections.

How is Female Scalp Micropigmentation Performed?

A typical female scalp pigmentation treatment is a gradual procedure and consists of a consultation and two to four sessions in total. Each session should take around two hours or less to complete, depending on the area's size being treated. You can anticipate seeing the final result after the last SMP Treatment session. During the SMP process, scalp skin gets cosmetically tattooed with tiny dots, providing an effect similar to adding makeup to the scalp. These dots enhance hair density and help female clients conceal hair loss s and thinning hair.

SMP for women to conceal hair loss areas offers the appearance of thicker hair regardless of the hair length. Micropigmentation for the scalp is not painful, and usually, no anaesthetic is used. To better understand what to expect during the procedure, we highly recommend our dedicated blog article, "What to expect during your Scalp Micropigmentation treatment", explaining everything in details. We hope that you find this resource helpful.

If you would like to know more about how SMP for Women treatment prices and plans are put together, please get in touch.